We offer a new style, attentive to trends, in tune with the needs of the market and customers who love to play with fashion and create new styles.
Dynamism and creativity are the push to achieve an increasingly recognisable mark of the brand.
Our furs are characterised by luxury, finesse, and originality.
Our collections are suitable for those who love to stand out and be recognised by the accessory.
The customer is followed in every step.
Quality, organisation, punctuality in deliveries, precision in shipments, pre and post sales consultancy are our strong points.
We are able to offer our customers maximum service.


The clientele to which we address is selected and refined.
The products are introduced in the most important multi-brand stores in Italy alongside the first lines of the collections of the best fashion brands.
We work with the best suppliers in the industry.
Each product is studied and designed ad hoc.
The research of the material,
the design, the colours are particularly studied details.
The commitment to obtain a final product in line with the customer’s needs is maximum.


The Frame furs in this autumn winter stand out as the symbol of the cold months in the name of the most glamorous style.
Mood / style:
The collection is contemporary, dynamic, easy to wear. The imperative is to show it off with the
innate class of those who want to bring out their femininity. Romantic with grit, sensual with sweetness, the essence of a modern woman always on the move.
Minks, foxes, raccoon, rex, murmansky, lapin
Shapes / lengths:
Oversized fur coats, with fluid lines synonymous of lightness. Short garments to be worn over
coats or light down jackets up to lengths that accentuate down to the ankles. Soft and thick vests. Casual chic parka with soft fox fur hoods. From the very long to the very short it is a moment.
Solid colours, multicolour, coloured patchwork effect, inlay and printed effects

Fall/Winter 2023

Cantù – COMO – Italy
+39 366 2593329